Reflection and Hope

Today it seems our society too often supports decisions made for instant gratification with little regard for long term effects on ourselves or others. At Birthright, however, we encourage our guests to take their time and reflect on the lifelong repercussions of their actions. We are a group who cares

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Another baby? Just what she needed

A young lady, late into her pregnancy, came into Birthright. She seemed agitated and a bit fearful. After visiting with her, she shared that this was a surprise third pregnancy. My friend, the other volunteer on the shift, and I tried to help her relax and asked her to sit

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the spirit is present

The Spirit is Present

At Birthright, it’s often said, “We don’t talk to the girls about God, we talk to God about the girls!”  What does this mean to us? We often pray for the women who come to Birthright. We know God is always doing the work at Birthright, and that he comes

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