Sexual Abuse – A personal story

I believe for all of us reaching out, it is important to understand where people are coming from. Some of that will make us uncomfortable, we will not agree with some of it and some of it will make us thankful for the lives we have. A special thanks to

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Selena’s Story

I was very worried that I was pregnant again. I was only 17 at the time and was already raising a three-year-old child from non-consensual involvement. My future felt very uncertain and I was worried the doors of opportunity were closing on me. I realized that in order to beat

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the spirit is present

What really happens at a pregnancy center?

If you are not sure you are pregnant or know you have an unplanned pregnancy, your emotions may be all over the place. Your mind is probably racing and you don’t know what to do. Maybe you can’t think straight and you wonder if you will be able to manage?

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