Selena’s Story

I was very worried that I was pregnant again. I was only 17 at the time and was already raising a three-year-old child from non-consensual involvement. My future felt very uncertain and I was worried the doors of opportunity were closing on me. I realized that in order to beat the odds and overcome the challenges facing single parents, I had to find help. Taking one step at a time, I searched online for pregnancy testing and that’s when I learned about Birthright of Hillsboro, Oregon.

I called and spoke with Barb who was volunteering at the center. I was able to get a free pregnancy test, and we spoke for quite a long time. She reassured me she would be there for me and help me on my path through this crisis and motherhood. She has always kept her promise. Birthright provided emotional support and even helped with diapers, a layette, blankets, and clothes. I’m so grateful for the love and support I received. Getting that kind of support in the midst of crisis was a life saver, and gave me the courage to be the best mom I can be.

My story ended well and I can thank Birthright for being an important part of my healing. The man who abused me years ago can no longer harm us, and I’m fortunate to have found the love of my life several years ago. We are now married and have four beautiful children. I feel very blessed and adore being a mother. I’m now choosing to volunteer and support women of all ages who find themselves in a major life crisis. An unplanned pregnancy is life-altering and overwhelming. It helps to have people in your life who don’t judge you and you feel safe sharing with. Having a child is a big decision and getting unbiased support is so needed. Birthright has become a home away from home and the people who volunteer there are filled with love.