I came to Birthright wanting an abortion. I was so set on abortion that I didn’t pay attention to what
Birthright did and did not do. I just wanted to get past this and I saw a billboard and called from my car. I
just asked can I come in now? The woman said yes and I hung up before she could ask my name. I was 39
years old and distraught. I had 2 children. I just finished my Masters and I didn’t even want my new
boyfriend to know about this. I couldn’t have this baby. I didn’t want to give him the chance of telling me
to get rid of it. I wasn’t going to be the one who gets abandoned again.

I walked in Birthright’s door. The counselor came out and was really sweet. I told her I think I’m at the
wrong place. I told her I’m here for an abortion and she said told me they didn’t do abortions. My stomach
was so upset and she showed me where the bathroom was. I got sick and after she gave me a can of 7-Up to
drink. She saw how panicked I was and asked me to sit down and talk. We talked for two hours. She didn’t
judge me or tell me what she thought I should do. We talked a lot about decision making in a crisis and
listening to your heart instead of your head. I liked her because she helped me see how strong I was. She set
me up for a free ultrasound and consultation with an OB-GYN. I had a lot of medical concerns and she said
a doctor could answer my questions and help with my severe anxiety and nausea.

I decided to have my baby girl. I met with my counselor every couple of weeks. We were working on a
plan and I needed her support. I found a job in my field and Birthright paid for me to get a certification I
needed. They also helped with some bills when my doctor put me on bedrest.

I know if I hadn’t gone to what I thought was the wrong place, my beautiful girl wouldn’t be here.

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